haden Manor Hall
A clean simple kitchen can be closed or open to the main living space.
The crisp living room feels mid-century, however, the silk ribbed rug and Holland and Sherry cashmere drapes add a layer of luxury and comfort.
In order to take in the view of uptown, a custom bronze framed mirrored wall was installed and adds a reflection for the owner's portrait collection.
An oil quenched steel wall acts as a backdrop for the plasma television.
Simplicity rules the day here.
A leather headboard sits between two windows to the bathroom and a luxurious throw of red fox reclaimed from coats offers a soft resting spot.
Tight New York quarters demand a simple format for the bathroom which, however, does not sacrifice on finishes and materials.
An office does double duty as a Gallery for more portraits in the collection.
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A modern contrast to this European financier’s 15th-centruy ancestral home, simple and tailored architecture complements 1950 to 1970s American design. Artistic flourishes are a nod to European luxury.